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Let’s talk about urban mobility

“I want to buy myself a bicycle that I’ll use often, for all those across-town journeys that have become so complicated by car, and for a wide range of other purposes too. It needs to be a good model that is attractive to look at. But where can I get good advice and support?”
Bike Square has been created for people like you!
As you will see, the idea is simple but extremely effective: you make an appointment (in most cases) and our showroom is at your disposal for as long as you need, along with a specialist who will answer all your questions.

His or her task is to identify and understand your needs, discuss the models that may suit you, let you try them out, and leave plenty of time to discuss your accessories (and hence your personal style and your safety), paying due attention to our post-purchase support (delivery of your bike (by bike!), insurance, assistance, repair at home or at your place of work, etc.).
Bike Square is an ultra-personalised experience in a superb location, centred on a purchase that’s “top of your mind”.

“Let’s talk about urban mobility”, in a relaxed setting, and at highly competitive prices.

showroom & kids corner

With or without an appointment, you will receive a warm welcome, and while we’re talking about your needs and helping you discover the models on display, your children can enjoy our specially designed kids’ corner.

Test area

To make the right choice, it’s essential to try out the model or models that fit your cycling profile. The “Clos du Parnasse” has little traffic as it is a walking zone! A test ride can be made very safely.

Welcome to Bike Square!