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Personalised service

Our goal in life is to offer you top-quality products and a fully personalised service. A bike that perfectly matches your needs, safety, a style that suits you and complete peace of mind (thanks to our many after-purchase support services) – you are our sole priority every time.

Among our services

Personalised services

Serenity packages

Bike delivery

three solutions

  • From a technical point of view: choice of the right frame, of the appropriate size of it, of the gear system fitting your habits and needs, …
  • Ergonomics: your bike will be chosen taking into account your back and other sensitive parts of your body
  • Preparation of the bike and mounting until the very last detail
  • Aesthetics : a bike at your image
  • Security : best practices, right choice of the lock, …
  • If you use your bike (very) frequently, you need support from trusted professionals.
  • That’s why our ‘Super family package’ (e-bike + Croozer trailer + accessories), our ‘Commuter package’ and all the other ‘Packages’ on offer are also ‘Serenity Packages’: whether you need advice and tips, personalised after-sales support or products and services that you can decide whether to activate or not, Bike Square anticipates your needs.
  • you can take the bike with you immediately
  • you can collect the bike later on, or
  • you can ask us to deliver it for you (for a small charge). And if you live in Brussels, this can even be done by bike! We can do wonders with our long-chassis bike + trailer!

We give you a free service after six months of use.