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Make someone’s day with a Bike Square Giftcard!

Order your Giftcard online and give a friend or family member the chance to come and choose a gift from among the many accessories available at Bike Square. Perfect for an individual gift (for Christmas or some other occasion) or a group gift (for example for a birthday or anniversary).

To order, please complete the form on the right, taking care to indicate:

  • the amount of your gift
  • the full postal address to which you would like the ‘GiftCard’ to be sent directly
  • any other information you consider important.

Then simply transfer the total amount to the bank account of Bike Square (Bike Square Brussels – BE79 7320 3110 6133). It is enough to enter your surname + first name and full email address in the description field.

The Giftcard will be sent out as soon as payment has been received, and you will be notified by email.