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   Electric bikes

In theory, the electric bike opens up new ways of getting around for everyone. To ensure that this is true in practice, Bike Square has selected two brands for you, offering different frame configurations, various transmission systems and a range of looks. Neither too much nor too little.

On the one hand, Kalkhoff, an established name on the market, treats us to its bikes equipped with efficient and highly reliable motors: the Impulse 2.0 and the Impulse Evo. On the other hand, in a far more sporty mood, the Focus brand makes it obvious why electric mountain bikes are increasingly sought after. Treat yourself!

Integrale Speed 10
4399€ including VAT
Pro Connect Impulse S10
3299€ including VAT
Agattu Premium Impulse Harmony
3499€ including VAT
Pro Connect Impulse 10
2999€ including VAT
Pro Connect Impulse 9
2249€ including VAT
Agattu Impulse 7 HS
2099€ including VAT
Sahel Compact 8
2499€ including VAT
Focus Thron Dona 1.0
3199€ including VAT
foe15_jarifa_imp_27r_1-0.tif-hdpr (1)
Jarifa Impulse 27R 1.0
3899€ including VAT